More Detail on Short Courses

Assemble your team to learn more about what your organization can and should measure so that you (and your funders) truly understand the value of your program.

  • What data are you currently collecting?
  • Is there more you could collect?
  • What is the difference between an output and an outcome? And how are both of those different from impact?
  • Should you measure the indirect or spillover effects of your program?
  • Can you learn anything from a random sample of your program beneficiaries?
  • How do you design and administer a meaningful survey?
  • Once you have your data, how do you make sense of it? And how do you explain it to others?
  • Do you need to reinvent the wheel? Can you use findings from other programs to help you make sense of your organization’s program?
  • Why do funders care about this data?
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